Base Station for Soft Adventures: North Brevard, Florida: Titusville, Scottsmoor, Mims, Port St. John, & Canaveral Groves

Titusville, FL - Discover many soft adventures here.
Titusville, FL - Base Station for Soft Adventures

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Titusville, Florida - Many soft adventures here.

Soft Adventures Discovering the Historical Markers in North Brevard

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Pritchard House in Titusville, FL Pritchard House Queen Anne style house that was the home of Captain James Pritchard a prominent citizen of Titusville, FL in the late 1800's. Beautiful grounds. House decorated in period furnishings. Open for tours by appointment. Special events.

St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church in Titusville, FL St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church Constructed in 1887, this neo-Gothic style building has a beautiful wood interior and exquisite stained glass windows. It is an active church to this day.

Oliver's Camp Oliver's Camp A 1910 Craftsman style two-story house that was used as a grove caretaker's residence. It awaits remodeling and a place in a proposed historical village site.

LaGrange Community Church LaGrange Community Church Founded in 1869, this was the first organized Protestant Church on the East Coast of Florida between New Smyrna and Key West. It was used as a public meeting place, church, and the first public school in Brevard County.

LaGrange Community Cemetery LaGrange Community Cemetery Established in 1869. this is the oldest cemetery on Florida's lower East Coast. It contains the graves of many pioneer families as well as Colonel Titus after whom Titusville is named.

LaGrange / Mims Community Cemetery LaGrange / Mims Community Cemetery In the early 1900s a two-acre parcel of land north of LaGrange Church and Cemetery was given to the Mims colored community for a cemetery. Most noted are the graves of Harry and Harriette Moore, Florida civil rights activists.

Historic Brevard County Courthouse Historic Brevard County Courthouse Brevard County was founded in 1855 and Titusville became the county seat in 1879. The first courthouse was built in 1882. The current courthouse, with its four large classical columns, was built in 2012.

Titusville Negro School Titusville Negro School Started in 1883, it located here in 1915. The building was razed in 1957. We are currently seeking pictures and more information.

The Clifton Colored School The Clifton Colored School Built in 1890, the families of the Clifton School provide an inspiring story of the importance placed on education here.

Douglas Dummett & his Grove's area Douglas Dummett & his Grove Douglas Dummett developed the famous Indian River oranges in his groves here in the early 1800's. Dummett used a new grafting technique later widely adopted in Florida that made the trees more frost resistant.

St. James Missionary Baptist Church St. James Missionary Baptist Church Organized in 1894, the St. James Colored Missionary Baptist Church built the first wooded church on this site in 1904. The present church structure was built in 1964. The name of the church was changed to Greater St. James Missionary Baptist Church in 1974.

Addison / Ellis Canal Addison / Ellis Canal Designed to to drain marshland in the St. Johns River Valley for agriculture in 1913, it met its fate in the Coquina ridge in what is now the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary.

H&H Moore Memorial Homesite H&H Moore Memorial Homesite This property is the former homesite of civil rights activists Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore. They were murdered in 1951 after active lives as civil rights workers and educators. The site contains a reproduction of their home and an education center with a museum.

Windover Archaeological Site Windover Archaeological Site Discovered by accident in 1982, the Windover site is a burial place of Early Native Americans who inhabited this region 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. It provided a remarkable variety human remains and artifacts that are being studied to this day.

Haulover Canal Haulover Canal Long used by Native Americans and pioneers to move boats from Mosquito Lagoon to the Indian River Lagoon, it was firs dug out in 1852 and replaced by the deeper canal in 1887. It is part of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Blue Star Memorial Highway Blue Star Memorial Highway "A Tribute to the Armed Forces that have defended the United States of America." Sponsored by Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., in cooperation with the Titusville Garden Club and the Florida State Road Department.

Titus House - Hotel Dixie Titus House The hotel was built (circa 1869) and operated by Henry T. Titus, founder of Titusville. It later became the Dixie Hotel. In the days of steam boat travel, the hotel, with its elaborate salon, was considered one of the best in Florida.

William Bartram Trail William Bartram Trail Honoring William Bartram who explored here in the 1760's collecting many new plants and discovered the tropical Zebra Butterfly.

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