North Brevard is your Base Station for many Soft Adventures: Titusville, Scottsmoor, Mims, Port St. John, Sharpes, & Canaveral Groves

Titusville, FL - Discover many soft adventures here.
Titusville, FL - Base Station for Soft Adventures
Titusville, Florida - Many soft adventures here.

Grab your kids and/or some friends
and enjoy our backyard!

Downtown Titusville


Refuge & Seashore

Museums & Historic Houses, Space Monuments, Walking Tours, Parks.
Soft Adventures in Downtown Titusville, Florida
21 Parks With Playgrounds. Each Is Unique, safe & fun. A Family Challenge.
Playground Adventures in North Brevard Florida
Birding, Swimming, Fishing, Nature Drives & Trails, Historic Sites, Manaatees, Classes.
Soft Adventures in Titusville's National Refuge & Seashore
Activity Details &
Printable Planner
Activity Details &
Printable Planner
Activity Details &
Printable Planner

South Titusville

Museums & History

Historical Markers

Warbird Museum, Astronaut & Police Halls of Fame, KSC, Nature Sanctuary, Riding.
Soft Adventures in South Titusville Florida
Civil Rights Memorial, Church, Fort Christmas, 1875 Sams House, History Museums.
Museums & Historical Sites in North Brevard, FL
Eighteen historical sites or events that have been given special recognition
Highway Markers
Activity Details &
Printable Planner
Activity Details &
Printable Planner
Activity Details &
Printable Planner

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Merritt Island N.W.R. & Canaveral N.S.
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The International Space Station - launched from Titusville, Florida.
Launched from Titusville!

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