Base Station for Soft Adventures: North Brevard, Florida: Titusville, Scottsmoor, Mims, Port St. John, & Canaveral Groves

Titusville, FL - Discover many soft adventures here.
Titusville, FL - Base Station for Soft Adventures
Titusville, Florida - Many soft adventures here.
Downtown Titusville
Playground Soft Adventures
Museums & Historical Sites in North Brevard
You could spend a day or three in South Titusville
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge & Canaveral National Seashore

Some initial responses:

What a cool idea!  I think you have done a fantastic job with it.  I learned a lot just looking through the groupings. I really liked your ideas and what you have done with them.
- Brevard Reference Librarian

I like the idea a lot. I love the pictures and how you can print off the information to take with you!
- Director, Tutoring Services

You obviously have put a lot of thought and time into it. My gosh, I really had no idea there was so much here to see and do. It is very organized and simple. You can quickly find things and go from skimming to getting every detail. It is very well done!
- Grandmother

I really like the initial cover page and the collage graphics, it's very easy to navigate and access plus the challenges give it that extra incentive for younger browsers.
- College Student

When I first open the page, it's really quite exciting! It's colorful and  makes you want to dive right into it. I think it is a huge resource. If I was just coming into the area, It would excite me that there is so much and I would follow every resource. I would find a wealth of knowledge and would make me want to go check everything out.
- Photographer

I love it! I like the idea of soft adventures and I had no idea there were so many things here! I like the challenge sheets because it gives you a bit of an idea of what each site is about. I think that it is a great concept and I am definitely going to use it!
- Museum Director of Education

Your suggestions will be welcomed.

Additions to our current groupings.
New groupings of destinations.
Improvements to the presentation.
Ways to inspire more people to enjoy our community assets.

I'm particularly now in suggestions for cultural (arts, theater, dance, music, etc.) destinations in North Brevard. I know of FireStone, Titusville Art League and the Titusville Playhouse.

This is a brand new set of websites.
Your suggestions will be welcomed.
Did you find any errors?
What sets of Soft Adventures do you recomend?

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